Sky Diving

We have two landing areas, one at the airfield and one at Diaz beach. Landings at Diaz beach are weather and tide dependant. Thanks to the nature of the tandem skydive, the formal training required can be kept to a minimum as your personal tandem master will control the free fall and the parachute descent. However there is some information and a set of rules that you need to be familiar with to ensure safety. By educating you about what to expect in the airplane, how to position your body during free-fall and what to expect when the parachute opens, your fears can be eased and your fun maximized.

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When the door finally opens and you exit the aircraft most of our students say their fears stay in the plane and the feeling they are left with they describe only as indescribable!!! The Tandem Master will be your silent partner, letting you have full control; or you can just lay back and enjoy the ride. Since we’re weightless in free fall, you won’t even notice that the Tandem Master is there. Jumping from up to 10,000 ft or 14,000 ft AGL (Above Ground Level), we’ll free fall at 200 – 240 kph for up to 35-50 seconds. While we “Body Surf” the wind, we can do controlled turns, speed diving, and burn up the sky.

All too quickly you will find the parachute opening and your adrenaline-charged free-fall transitions into a quiet peaceful parachute descent, where you and your instructor can talk and share the moment with you. During the 5-7 minutes it takes to reach the ground your instructor can provide either a sedate gentle ride to the ground or a more radical roller coaster experience demonstrating spins and stalls as he skilfully pilots you to our landing area.